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" Bikes  For  Kids "  -  History

Its  Founder  -  CHUCK  GRAEB



Bikes For Kids program, which was started in 1989


Chuck Graeb, of Old Lyme , CT





  Chuck Graeb, who grew up poor in the Bronx, during the Great Depression,

never had a bike as a kid. He vowed to himself as a youngster that when and if he could, he would make sure that any child who wanted a bike would have one, because he didn’t. Keeping true to his promise, Graeb gave away over

12,000 bikes to needy kids through his Bikes for Kids organization,

including over 30 bikes for special needs riders.



        “I always thought it was a rotten feeling to grow up, as a kid, and never have a bike, and see other kids riding bikes, so when I retired I said maybe I can help other kids in the future” said Graeb in an interview on the Real American Stories Web site. “For the kids that receive these bikes, knowing that someone out there cares for them is just as important as receiving the bikes.”



        Sadly, Chuck passed away in September of 2009, but Bikes For Kids works today to keep his dream alive.




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